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Susan Monias DC - Clinic Director

In 2011, I was taken completely by surprised when I was diagnosed with the severe debilitating, neurological disease Multiple Sclerosis.   At the time I was in chiropractic graduate school full time, had 3-kids and was running at full steam.  It was a Monday morning when I woke to find I didn’t have any use in the right side of my body.  I was rushed to the ER with the belief I had a stroke.  They did an immediate CT scan of my brain and immediately saw the lesions I had.  I was told it was either a stroke or MS. Further testing confirmed it was indeed MS. I had the CT, MRI and Lumbar puncture to confirm the diagnosis.  My prognosis was that it will only continue to get worse and within 5 years I will be in a wheel chair with loss of the ability to walk.  They gave me 10 years until I would be completely bedridden until I eventually died because of symptoms related to the disease. It is so important to realize lack of symptoms DOES NOT equal good health!

I was offered medication to possibly slow the process but would experience flu like symptoms with each injection! Every day!

I turned to my core belief and value I had lived with my whole life.  The body will innately heal itself if all obstacles were removed.  I was already under chiropractic care, ate well, exercised and took the basic recommended supplements. The question became what are these obstacles??

It was going to be my job to get help finding them.  I knew right from the beginning that God had presented me with this challenge in my life to be able to help others.  Over the next few years I continued chiropractic school while learning functional medicine along side.

I learned “A healthy person has a 1,000 wishes but a sick person only has one”

I became obsessed with finding out what interference we face in this modern world, not only for myself but all people. I worked and learned from some of the best doctors in the country.  I realized my path and purpose had to be focused on removing biochemical interferences from people suffering from chronic illnesses.

In the process of restoring my health I finished Chiropractic school, went on to study Masters degree in exercise physiology and clinical nutrition.  I completed over 600 graduate hours at functional medicine university, Blood Chemistry Analysis, Kalish Institute Mentorship, 2- years of Applied Kinesiology and Brain balancing, along with several hours of Life Science coursework and Study.

In the end I feel that this disease process was a blessing because it has given me the continued opportunity to help hundreds of patients reverse their battle with chronic illness.

Nicholas Tedder - CEO